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Here are some of the Issues you might have on your mind.
Internet Addiction disorder, included blogging and mobile devices.

  • Drug & Alcohol Issues
  • Depression
  • Gay stress, afraid to come out of the closet
  • Abuse
  • Financial situation
  • Career Changes, 
  • Find a Job
  • Nightmare Neighbor​
  • School called Human Resources on you​
Success, Failure, Behavioral Issue, bad habit
Friendships problem, Health, Weight loss, Sleep Deprived.

New born stress, Out of control Teens, Justice.
Faith, Praying, Faithfulness, Death of a love one, Overcoming worry.
Mother in law & Father in law stress, Wedding planning stress.
Marriage, Cheating, Divorce, Relationships, Dating, Arguing, Restaurant serve bad food. Holiday stress

No matter how big or small your problems are we will listen.

Have you laughed, today? 
Well, Doctor Listen have a joke for you!

Depression hotlines can help you get through that tough situation with your life and help you move forward!

Did you know that laughter is good for the soul ? So give us a call we are here for you. Remember that God loves you !

Dr. Listen is not a Registered Physician or Psychologist , Psychiatrist.