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About We Listen You Talk
What is We ListenYouTalkal.com About?

The We Listen You Talk concept was developed in January 2007. We are a company that specializes in listening to you. Sessions are conducted via phone. Our listen coaches are certified trained professionals with great experience. We strive to provide you, the client, with a variety of coaching techniques designed to help you cope with or improve your situation and relationships. We offer a depression hotline talk phone for you to be able to talk with someone today about your needs. 

Talking over the phone; enables you to remain anonymous, by speaking with our coaches over the phone there is less judgment than you might experience with traditional counseling methods. Our Listen Coaches are not doctors, but rather a neutral third party that is trained to listen you and your problems. Listen coaching over the phone can be just as effective if not more so than in house coaching. You can talk with our Listen Coaches comfortably and more openly then you may be able to with a traditional therapist.  

Everything you tell your Listen Coach is considered confidential, the only exception is if you pose a danger to yourself or others. 

We Listen You Talk does not work with or accept any type of insurance. We are strictly a private pay company. 
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Who we are NOT

We Listen You Talk is NOT a dating service, an Adult Entertainment Service, or a Psychic Hotline.  

At We Listen You Talk, we do NOT read your future or make false promises or guarantees that your problems will all go way. You hold the keys to make changes in your life. This service is designed to listen to you and help you realize that you have the power to make effective and positive changes in your life.

All clients must be over 18 years or older with the exception of Alabama where the client must be 19 years or older. All payments are taken through PayPal at a flat rate of $ 60.00 per session. Promptly enter your credit or debit card to proceed with this call. It’s fast, free and secure.  

Charges on your credit or debit card will appear as Expert link, Inc. You will receive a confirmation e-mail after setting up your appointment and paying for the session. 

There are no, monthly charges, hidden or membership fees, or contracts that you sign. Just pay for each session when you want to talk, there is no limit to the number of sessions you can have, so you can communicate with your Listen Coach as often as you want. You can cancel at any time by simply stop calling, you are free quit at any time.
Please call your listening coaches for an appointment:

(205) 406 - 5493