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Did you know that laughter is good for the soul? So why don’t you give us a call? Need someone to talk to about feeling depressed in your life? We can help with that as well with our depression hotline! Having an issue with your kids? Everyone wants to know how to get kids to listen! Call today to talk through it with Dr. Listen!
In today’s stressful world sometimes you just need someone that will listen. You want to talk but there is no one willing to listen all they want to do is give you advice that you don’t need. Well, now you have Dr. Listen* and her team.

We're committed to helping you
Dr. Listen is not a registered  Physician or Psychologist, Psychiatrist
Having a rough day and need to vent? Major Changes in your life? Maybe you are just bored! Whatever your reason You talk, we Listen. 

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Dr. Listen is not a registered Physician or Psychologist, Psychiatrists.

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